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A dedicated and certified yoga teacher in Raipur, Chhattisgarh. I customize every session with an emphasis on your well-being, creating a welcoming and accepting atmosphere. Learn about my philosophy, journey, and goal of encouraging positive changes.


Dive in the World Of Health & Fitness

Enter the realm of fitness and wellness, where every step is a step toward vitality. Boost your health with energizing exercises, healthy routines, and a journey that changes your body and mind. Discover the way to a happier, healthier version of yourself—it’s time to take a big plunge into wellness!

Hatha Yoga

Take a voyage of self-discovery and inner balance with Hatha Yoga to find the way to physical and mental equilibrium.

Vinyasa Yoga

Accept the balance between movement and breathing to create a revitalizing experience that nourishes the body and the mind.

Kundalini Yoga

It unlocks vitality and inner harmony by promoting self-awareness and spiritual growth through breathwork, asanas, and meditation.

Intuitive Yoga

Practitioners of intuitive yoga are guided to communicate with their inner wisdom. The focus of this individualized practice is on overall well-being, mindful movement, and self-discovery.

Aroma Yoga

Aroma Yoga enhances the sensory aspects of yoga by including essential oils into the practice. Breathe calmness in, release stress out, and feel better.

Slow Yoga

Slow yoga uses slow, purposeful movements to encourage calm. Accept moderate postures and careful breathing to create a calming, revitalizing practice.



Greetings from my wellness haven! You’re in skilled hands because I’m a professional yoga trainer with certification from the prestigious ” Bodhi School of Yoga. Every seeker will have a life-changing experience because of my dedication to sincerity and excellence. Come embrace the immense advantages of yoga with me.

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Honoring two years of leading spirits on the life-changing path of yoga. Thankful for every conscious inhalation and posture

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glowing grins, delighted clients. Come celebrate wellbeing with contented people who discovered harmony and contentment in yoga.

Programs & Training's

My practice was improved via immersion yoga programs. Thank you for the life-changing lessons that have shaped my path. All set to impart the knowledge acquired.

Benefits of Yoga​

Discover the many advantages of Yoga as it balances your body and mind. With focused breathwork, you may increase your flexibility, strength, and inner calm. Reduce stress, straighten your posture, and start your road toward overall wellbeing. Accept yoga; its immense mental and physical benefits will change your life.

What My Clients​​ Say about Me

My life has been changed by the classes I've done with Shreekalp. The combination of the group dynamics and the expert supervision creates an inspiring environment. Each session feels like a step toward being a better, happier version of me. I appreciate your positive influence.​
geetika bramhbhatt
Geetika Bramhbhatt
State IEC Media Consultant
Training with Shreekalp has been a game-changer! Their personalized approach to yoga and fitness has transformed not just my body but my mindset. Patient, motivating, and incredibly skilled—I'm grateful for this wellness journey!
Ankush Gedam
Digital Marketer
Wonderful experience working with Shreekalp! My demands were catered for in private sessions, which made yoga approachable. My fitness objectives became a reality thanks to their knowledge and support. Strongly advised for a comprehensive wellness journey
Yograj Sahu